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What should I do in the future high school years to make my college resume well-built?

I'm currently a sophomore at a CTE school. Right now, I'm taking Regents Chemistry, English 10, AP World History, 2 periods of CTE class (IT fundamentals), Spanish 2, Gym, and Algebra 2.

I plan to either go in the medical field or computer science field, but to be honest I am still unsure.

However, I want to know what APs I can take to make sure the colleges know I plan to major in those section(s) only. (Only one major, I know. I mean one of the career pathways)

Also, I take classical dance and would get a certificate. Founded a club of my interest (co-founder), do art (wondering if I should start a small business), community service, may take a college class soon, etc.

I am in three honor societies:

NHS (National Honors Society), NTHS (National Technical Honors Society), and SHS (NY State Science Honors Society).

My real question is what should I do junior year? I plan to take AP Calc AB, AP Bio, and one more, but I am not sure.

The state requires one Earth Science (either Earth Science or Physics) to graduate, and I took Earth Science in freshman year (unfortunately my school didn't offer Chem freshman year).

Should I take Physics? Or instead, take an AP class in its place?

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3 months ago

You're already participating in CTE, which colleges look at very favorably. Taking both AP Calculus and AP Bio is a good idea, if you plan on pursuing computer science I would take AP Comp Sci. AP Physics also looks good on transcripts, so I would consider that too. What other AP classes does your school offer?

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