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What are some good summer internships or schools that I can get into in the field of biology,chemistry or psychology ?


I would like some guidance over how internships and summer schools in the fields of the provided subjects work and what kind of skills are required to get accepted into such programmes . I would also like to know the names of universities or authorities that provide such programmes.


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Pretty much every college in the US in the T50 or T20 (top 50/top 20 universities) offers these programs, and often times these colleges have a science program since STEM is a popular major. Usually to be accepted all you need to do is fill out an application, write a short essay, and pay a fee. They are pretty expensive though, upwards of 2,000 dollars for a couple of weeks, so you can also request financial aid/fee waiver. If you want “good schools” I recommend looking at the Ivy or Ivy + school list and checking out their website. Just google “X school Precollege program Bio”. If they are doing the programs this summer (might be cancelled due to Covid) applications open in the fall/early winter so you can start writing your essay now.