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My major is business. I'm switching to econ after I transfer. Should the ecs i put on my app be about business or econ?

I want to transfer to top 20 schools like Columbia or Uchicago after my sophomore year. The ecs I have right now are related to volunteering/advocacy because that's what I want my spike to be. Should I make my spike more business related or more econ related? Or is what I have just fine as it is? If I should do more econ stuff what are some good ecs? I currently have volunteering at a non profit, organizing a fundraiser for charity, making my own outreach program, and I also have a small business, as well as undergraduate research. Is this good? Should I add more?

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6 months ago

They are pretty related when it comes to extracurriculars so it should be more about caliber. Theoretically, I'd say econ, but there's not much that you can do for econ other than undergrad research, joining clubs, etc. Most selective/prestigious clubs at universities are related to consulting and finance, but they will still make you look good if you can break into them. If you can get an internship during freshman summer or while you're still in school that relates to business/econ, that's also good.

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