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If I have a website that I created for one of my ECs, am I allowed to put it on my college resume for applications?

I finally fit everything onto one page for my resume, but now I'm wondering if putting a link to a website that showcases only one of my (self-directed) ECs is normal/appropriate? I'm a noob so idrk if this is what ppl in the working world do.

I know there are such things as CV websites that are basically resume websites, this is not one of them. It is a website for only ONE of my ECs and I want to include it because:

1. it looks professional and

2. links to more info about that self-created/directed EC and

3. I'm pretty proud of myself for making it :))

If yes, where would I put it? Bottom? Footer? With my contact on top even though it's not a CV website? With my EC smack in the middle of my resume?


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a year ago

If it's something you're proud of, definitely include it! Since it's specifically related to a particular EC, I'd include it with the EC as it allows the admissions counselor to further explore that activity.


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