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Gap Year Advice for International Student

Hi, I'm currently a 12th-grade Senior High School student from India, and I have been thinking of taking a gap year before applying.

My Grades are great (96% Overall) and My ECs are also good (Self-Funded Research Project, Director of School Clubs, Songwriting), but I think I haven't been able to picture my true self through my application. Somehow, I have been lacking a direction in my Application. I think I could profile my application better for Harvard, with good essays, and supplements and editing the application. Plus, it had been taking a toll on my mental health (If you guys don't know how stressful the 12th grade can be for Indians already--It is HARSHHHHH!!!!)

I do have some ideas for the Gap Year:

1. Take SAT/ACT/AP

2. Engage in Conservation Projects

3. Enhance my skills in Computer Science

4. Further understand my true passions

5. Bettering my Songwriting Skills

6. Start another research project

I don't really know what should I do. So can you help out

For Reference Here are my Stats:

GPA:3.85 (4th in Current Class; 9th Grade and 10th Grade Co-Valedictorian)

SAT: 1480 (790M 690RW)

1. Researcher (Effective Tuning of Autonomous Robotic Agents)

- Explored tuning procedures of autonomous robotic agents using Evolutionary Algorithms.

- Utilized GPT models, APIs, and facial/psychological analysis.

- Won a Rs.60k scholarship and served as the first author.

2. Senior Member - Literary Club (Purwanchal Vidyamandir)

- Co-directed musical dramas, interviewed authors, and organized seminars.

- Fundraised Rs.80k for building libraries in rural Bengal.

- Won awards for best articles on human & technology and social causes.

3. Singer-Songwriter; Saturday Café-Composing Sessions at Starbucks

- Co-produced and composed songs with global artists.

- Founded ACROIRIS, an indie record label supporting low-income musicians.

- Organized events, raised funds for Indian Red Cross, and supported local artists.

4. Music Therapy Counselor/Software Developer (Python & Java) - SECONDGLASS

- Established a private Discord server for AI-driven customized music therapy.

- Created a Cognitive-Enhancer Music Generator for positive cognitive messages.

- Helped 600+ people dealing with solitary depression and psychological issues.

5. Volunteer - Annapurna Bhandar

- Organized a local communal kitchen during the Durga Puja Festival in rural Bengal.

- Managed donations, tracked accounts, and ensured nutritious meal distribution.

- Served 10,000+ people in various parts of Bengal.

6. Executive Member of Student's Council at Bidhannagar Municipal School

- Organized school events, coached players for sports tournaments, and hosted fundraisers.

- Nominated candidates for state and national-level contests.

- Led initiatives on global warming, discrimination, education flaws, corruption, and LGBTQ+ rights.

7. Tutor (Computer Science/Mathematics) for Sikhya (WhatsApp-Based Learning Platform)

- Provided foundational instruction in coding, algebra, and trigonometry to underprivileged children.

- Raised funds to cover tuition fees for 370+ students.

- Co-founder and winner of the Indian Rising Educator Award.

8. Researcher (Pollutants Stimulation Contamination in Urban Areas)

- Studied pollutants' dispersion and regeneration stimulation in urban areas.

- Used AQI records, visual surveys, probability calculations, and climatic patterns.

- Project ongoing with a role as the first author and experiment coordinator.

9. Part-Time Caretaker in Neighborhood

- Freelance caretaker for 35 local elders, administering medications and monitoring health.

- Acted as a part-time caretaker during the 9th grade.

- Demonstrated a commitment to community well-being.

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