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Is It Still Possible To Go To NYU With One C and 2 B's

During my sophomore year, I received a C grade in Honors Algebra Semester 1. While in my freshman year, I received a B (because I had a long-term substitute) in Semester 2 of Algebra 1, but an A in 1st Semester. Additionally, I received an A grade in part 1 of Geometry Online, and a B grade in part 2. Despite struggling with dysgraphia, I managed to achieve a 3.92 unweighted four-year cumulative GPA, and a 4.23 Weighted. I also have very strong extracurriculars, high test scores, and good connections to schools. Despite my sub-par math grades, do I have a chance of getting into selective universities like NYU?

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That depends on other aspects of your application! Things like your SAT/ACT scores, extracurriculars, rec letters, and essays are just as important! Look at NYU's website and see the class of 2027 (or 2026 if they haven't added 2027 yet) profile. That should have information like average GPA, test scores, etc that can help you gauge your chances. If it's not on the profile section, or they don't even have a profile section, it should be somewhere else on the admissions tab of their website.

Look for stats where you're at the same level as the average, or even above it. That will be more accurate than any answer I can give you with only GPA info.

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