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My daughter got rejected from best state college's because she had to many credits. Is this a standard practice.

Note she wanted to do Speech Pathology which in both college's would require her to most of the subjects at the campus so the majority of her previously earned credits would not even count.

She met every typical qualification, Top 5 in class, student president, honor societies, sports,excellent GPA, dual enrollment to assist in her education not just to get points.

She wanted to go to these public schools along with her friends but she looks at the system as flawed and it is damaging her long awaited college experience.

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3 months ago

That happens often. If your child is overqualified (sounds like she is), the university is likely to reject her because they don't think she will actually attend, and they want to have higher accepted-to-enrollment ratios. It's stupid that that's how it works but unfortunately, it is. This practice can usually be countered by applying Early Decision if she's sure she wants to go to that school.

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