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What minors are good for business management major and also what business major+minor is the best( salary and all)?


I’m starting freshman year this following academic year and I’m an IB student in Iran ( this is my second year) in Iran but the system doesn’t really follow the real IB system, I’m interested in business management and things related to business ( + hospitality management/...) and I’m moving to another country , one of the universities that I have in mind is Wharton ( UPenn business) and I wanted to know more about the minors that go well with business management.


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So literally any business relevant major is beneficial in the job market. A fairly common one is Leadership minor or some other name for that.

But more specifically I’d need to know what you are/ want to studying as human resource is vastly different than marketing or financial management (investing).

Also economics is a pretty good all round choice.

The link isn’t the best but the by field is the only one I could find sorted like that

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!