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Should I explain why I have a C for my Calc?

I transferred into WPI this year after a year at my local community college. It's several months now and I have decided to transfer into other universities, notably ones that are strong in both computer science and psychology. such as Columbia, UWash, Cornell, to name a few.

However, I got a C for my Calculus 4 during fall, primarily because I haven't touched Calculus since senior year of high school and was placed into it because my advisor told me I should take it even after I changed Calc 4 to something else twice.

I was wondering if I should explain why I got a C in Calc 4 when I had A's in my other courses when I got here, such as Algorithm, Probability, Intro to ECE, to name a few. My primary concern is that I would come off as blaming and irresponsible, but I also wouldn't want to come off as someone who didn't study hard and nearly failed Calc 4 because I didn't put the time in when I spend about 1-2 hours each day in the library for the class.

Please do let me know the appropriate course of actions to take. Thank you!


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