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Is there a way to increase Weighted GPA outside high school(by taking online classes, college courses)


I am a sophomore in High School. I currently have a 4.0 unweighted gpa and am taking 1 AP class and 1 dual credit course. My luck with forecasting classes has been pretty horrible because I forecasted for 4 APs and only got 1. So, to improve my class rank, I am looking to take weighted classes outside school to help raise my weighted GPA. Can you please suggest some colleges/online courses that could help me do this?



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My best advice is to look up your local community college and enroll for online DE classes there. If you do not have a local community college, find one that offers online college classes. I am planning on enrolling at Montgomery County Community College Online for DE next semester (LCCC also has great price). It will be more expensive if you are not in the county of the cc. DE classes, like AP and honors (another great option), raise your weighted GPA (The highest unweighted is 4.0, highest weighted is 5.0. If this doesn't make sense ask Ivy assistant how to calculate a GPA).

If you do take cc (community college) online, I recommend taking general education courses such as math, english, and science. I correlated it with the university and major I wanted so that I can transfer in those credits and finish my bachelor's in under 4 years. Another thing you can do is get an associates degree at the cc and transfer it in. Often colleges have this 2+2 "deal" where you can enter with associates and finish in 2 years. This was not the best choice for me as I needed specific classes not included in the associates programs. So I am choosing to handpick classes and take as many as I can. This is nice and flexible; I will take 2 next semester while I still have high school classes, and senior year switch to full time dual enrollment.

Hope this helps! Happy to answer any questions you may have.

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