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Do I need to write the covid-19 essay/additional info on the common app?

I'm a rising senior who's currently working on my college apps. I'm not sure if I should write this essay because the only impacts on my life have been activity cancellations and school closures which affect everyone equally. I'm not sure there's much need for me to write this essay but I've seen some sites say it's essentially required. To add to my confusion I heard in a collegevine webinar that you shouldn't force this essay if you weren't impacted as much by the crisis as others and should instead list activity cancellations in the additional info section. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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The Covid section is essentially a Covid/natural disaster additional info section it is most certainly not an essay and 100% shouldn’t be.

I can write xyz tournement was canceled due to Covid 19. Essentially its more space to explain the impact Covid has/had on you and consider it an extension of the additional info section

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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