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What would happen to my chance of being accepted to elite schools (Ivy Leagues) if I have one B from a Junior semester?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school, and I posted this as I'm concerned with my grade. I had all A's throughout my freshmen and sophomore years, and I currently have all A's for my first semester of junior year as well. However, I recently took a quiz for AP Biology, and I messed it up REALLY BADLY. I haven't gotten my scores yet, but I'm predicting a really low score on that quiz since I wasn't prepared at all, and I think my grade will drop from A (92) to B (I'm not sure which B it would be). I believe that I have strong ECs (ex. Won first place in art competitions, have leadership roles, volunteered, etc.) All the adults around me are stressing the importance of maintaining all A's, and I'm very concerned about how much this B will affect my chances of being accepted to elite schools.

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3 months ago

One B shouldn't ruin your chances. Colleges often would rather see a couple lower grades in advanced classes than perfect A's in regular (not a honors, AP, DE, or IB) classes. If you have a B in a more challenging course (like AP) they will understand the rigor. Having only B is not a deal breaker- colleges don't expect us to be flawless, just to do our very best! You should be proud of yourself; all A's through freshman, sophomore, and most of junior is awesome.

Keep up the good work!

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