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Should I disclose this on my additional information?

I'm an upcoming senior planning to apply to primarily selective universities. I live with OCD, generalized anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. Although I don't feel my mental health struggles have had a huge bearing on my academics, following the first quarter of this year I entered a depressive episode that resulted in my grades slipping (not super low, but below where I'd like them to be); subsequently, there are some schools I'm applying to where my GPA is mid-range/bordering on low in regards to the average accepted student.

I was wondering if disclosing my mental health on the additional info. section of the Common App, with the assurance that I have/will work to better my grades would come off as a grab for pity or excuse... Thanks!

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4 years ago

Definitely share any information that would provide a better picture of you and explain any potential downsides in your application. It is always important to explain bad grades and the additional information section is a great place to do that. If you feel that OCD has really had a great impact on your life then you may also want to consider writing about it in your essay. OCD is a very real mental disorder and it is serious. It certainly will not come off as an excuse or grab for pity if it had really affected you.

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