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Should I concern about my essay’s ideas being stolen on CollgeVine?


I have submitted my essay on CollegeVine and I’m afraid that my essay’s ideas will be copied by some reviewers.


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First of all, essays should be unique to you and not applicable to any other person. If someone else is able to use your essay for their application then it is clearly not unique enough and not reflective of only you. That being said, I highly doubt anyone hear on college vine would steal your ideas. We are here to help and would not compromise our integrity by stealing essays. And most of us are not even applying to college so it would not matter for us. This website is quite secure and trust worthy.

Thank you! Because I know there would be other students applying to college review others’ essays to get karma so I was a bit worried.
Merely inspiration on either writing style or topic but I can’t write about what anyone else is writing becuase it’s not me who’s doing it.