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opinions on majoring in computer science?

Hi! I am currently a rising senior, and debating what I am interested in majoring in as I start the college process. I originally wanted to major in business but have recently found myself interested in computer science. Junior year, I took an introductory level Computer Science class (similar curricular AP Comp Sci Principles but we don't have that at my school) and I got an A+. I took a summer course through a community college and did well in that too. I am enrolled in AP Comp Sci this upcoming year, but as I apply to colleges the grade won't show. I am interested in applying as a computer science major to some competitive schools (think UMich) and I am concerned that because I started this interest late I might not have as competitive a profile. I do have some great EC's... just none CS related, and it is really too late to do anything CS related for college apps.

Let me know if you think it's realistic to apply as a CS major, or would I be too "behind"? I know some people have been coding since elementary school so I'm worried that with no CS EC's I will appear weak in my application. I have other things I am interested in like business and IT so I would be okay majoring in something else, but just want to get opinions on if CS sounds like a good option for me.


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2 years ago

It's all about how you present yourself to colleges and how you found yourself interested in what you are applying for. It's tru that some people have known that CS was their passion for a long time, but colleges won't expect that from every single applicant. In fact you having well rounded ECS makes you a stronger candidate in my opinion. Show that you can bring something unique to the CS program at UMich or wherever you want to apply. Explain in your essays how your unique experiences, perspectives, hobbies, interests, and achievements all link back to your interest in computer science. Tell your story and why you think that you have the skills and criteria to be valuable in the schools CS program. Every single CS junkie looks the exact same. Your unique journey is what makes you special and is your greatest strength.

Now I don't know your stats or anything like that, but I would say go for whatever major you feel the most passionate about. Its all about how you present yourself.

Good Luck!!


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