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Will an F 1st semester of senior year ruin my chance for NYU?

Hi, I’m applying Early Decision 2 to a relatively less competitive NYU school. Unfortunately I ended the semester with an F in my AP 2D art class, and I’m really worried about how the midyear report is going to affect my chances. Thank god it wasn’t a core class, but my other grades were also lower than usual this semester; I got mostly Bs when I usually get mostly As. I’m going test optional, and have pretty average/slightly above average ECs and honors, so I’m pretty reliant on my academics to get me in. My school uploads the midyear report just 14 days before the admission decisions are released, so I wonder how things could change in that small timeframe.

I might be able to explain the F with extenuating circumstances in the additional info section, but should I? I’m applying with my junior year transcript so they won’t see these grades until February, and I’m a little worried I’ll turn them off by talking about low grades they can’t even see yet. Idk this last part’s kinda dumb.

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I understand completely. I'm leaning on academics for my college application too. If you attempt to try to boost to your grades, focus on the tests and projects. They take up most of the grade percentage.

Also, don't try to explain why you got an F, but focus more on what you could've done and put that. Colleges want to see what you learned from challenging situations and how you will apply what you learned in the future. That could boost the possibility of getting in. Also, I'd advise that you don't take too many ECs or honors if you struggle with your main colleges. Colleges don't necessarily want to see a long list of curriculars, but excellence or dedication with the few you do take.

Hope that helps! :D

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