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How does taking SAT subject test help with college admission?

Should a junior take sat subject test for college admission like cornell?

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2 years ago

Cornell is an Ivy League school so taking Subject Tests are encouraged, and if you have the opportunity you should take it, however know that they are not mandatory or a deciding factor in admission.

Good Luck!!

2 years ago

It depends on the college you are applying to. Most schools don't require them or factor them in. Other elite schools in the past cared a lot about them but since COVID 19 have made them optional or not considered whatsoever.

It should be noted that MIT, CALTECH, YALE are test-blind with respect to SAT subject tests and will not consider them if submitted. Also, almost every elite college has made them test-optional for this upcoming admissions cycle. And to be 100% clear, at Cornell depending on the College you apply to they are not required. At the Cornell Sch.of Engineering "SAT Subject Tests are not required and will not be considered during the 2020 or 2021 admission cycles"

So the 2 Top Stem schools and 2 Ivies are SAT II Test-Blind already. And the other 6 Ivies do not require them. If you are a Senior and haven't taken an SAT II Subject Test, I personally wouldn't fret or bother about them. It is much better to focus on parts of your application that will weigh more and have more validity to the college you are applying to. If you are a Soph/Junior and feel you have time to prepare and do well on them, go for it.

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2 years ago

There are a few factors. Firstly if you intend to apply this year, a lot of Universities have gone test optional meaning they don't even require the SAT let alone the subject tests. Since you are a junior I would look into the test policy for 2021/2022 cycle and check whether your universities are still test optional. If they are that usually means that less people will be submitting subject tests which would be at your advantages if your results are good (keep in mind that some schools don't take them into account at all).

The major bonus in Subject tests is, that it proves a higher level in a certain subject. While everyone takes the SAT, not everyone takes the Subject tests. I would do some research and look into which subject tests are recommenced for the major you intend to pursue and go from there.

Hope this helps


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