5 months ago
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Is Freshman year of High School too early to apply for scholarships?

I wondered if I should wait until I am a Junior or Senior before applying. It is very important to me that I get into a good college, but I don't know if it is too early.

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5 months ago

Hello Benjamin!, I am also a freshman in High School just like you! This is my opinion, while being a freshman, it is good to look at scholarships, and explore the options, but I would focus more on extracurricular activities like volunteering and clubs, in order to get a good scholarship, you first need to build your academics and extracurricular activities, after you got them built up. Then I would apply for scholarships, while it varies for people, if you already have strong academics and extracurricular activities, I think it will be good for you to look at scholarships at your free time, but if not, build your academics and activities first.

This is 100% my opinion on applying for scholarships.

5 months ago

Hi Benjamin!

The short answer is yes, you could apply to scholarships on scholarship websites BUT I have to agree with @_KC_ for several reasons.

1) Your ECs and academics matter from day 1 if you are trying to get into a top school. The scholarship websites have a way of sucking us in and you can waste a lot of time on them. I began my sophmore year and after a year did not receive anything.

2) Scholarship displacement does happen. You can spend a lot of time applying for scholarships and end up receiving several BUT most colleges in consequence offer less financial aid themselves. They see that you have already earned some scholarships and then give you less money b/c they think someone else may need it. This can be a big problem for some, especially if they technically qualify for a full ride scholarship at that school.

So my advice is to focus on doing your best and enjoy high school. Don't burn yourself out too early- make time for your hobbies in between studies. Later in high school, getting a job/internship (especially if it is in your field of interest) is a better time investment with better payback in my opinion. Also, pay attention to what you enjoy during high schools. Be alert and notice what brings a smile to your face more than anything else. Don't downplay "silly" hobbies- mine was the making of me! I enjoyed working in the garden and picking flowers as a little girl. I knew all the names of the butterflies and birds at one time and was happiest hard at work outdoors. Now, I am taking certificate level floral design classes (junior) and moving towards starting a greenhouse business someday!

Hope this helps and happy high schooling! Never be afraid to ask for advice. You are off to a great start just by recognizing your questions and goals!

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