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What are some extracurriculars I should take as a 15-year-old sophomore in high school?

I plan to go on the pre-med track and my dream school is Johns Hopkins. What are some extracurriculars I should do that are medicine related?

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2 months ago[edited]

It largely matters on what's available to you. I would recommend asking your school counselor the same question, they should be able to let you know if your school offers an relevant clubs or classes. Outside of school I would recommend getting First Aid and CPR certified through the Red Cross. You should also look around to see if there are any Mental Health First Aid classes in your area. That as well as any other mental health related classes can be helpful and are something many med students (and professionals) are lacking in, it definitely could help you stand out! Mattering your age you may also be able to volunteer at a local hospital reading to patients. If not you still may be able to volunteer at a retirement home. I also would take a look at what health classes your High School offers some offer classes like Sports Medicine which can give you a head start in your learning. Learning a second language would be great too because the need for bilingual medical professionals is very high.

2 months ago

My #1 suggestion would be to try volunteering at a local hospital - not only will you gain experience, but community service looks great on applications! I also was able to find a program at my school that parters with a medical school near me (it’s called MedAchieve). You should definitely try to get into contact with your guidance counselor to see if their is something similar that your school sponsors. Otherwise, you can also look into summer precollege classes/camps to see if there is something interesting. Hope this helps!

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