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I wanted to know how I can improve my gap essay?

Facing the reality of financial burdens, I decided to take a gap year to lend my parents a helping hand. As I searched for job opportunities in Mongolia, I quickly realized my options were limited to students like me. This has led me to explore alternative income sources, eventually dwelling into art.

I was always inspired by how other artists could afford to make a living out of their art. Opening my art shop and sharing my creations with people, not for profit but to let them recognize my art, had long been a dream. The online world, crowded with competitors, demanded patience before I got my first order. Overcoming the competitive market was a significant milestone when I saw my customers share their positive reviews. However, I needed more than just relying on my art.

While managing my shop, I reached out to my principal about working at TAS(Tomujin Alternative School). As long as I can remember, I wanted to try teaching, and soon, an opportunity arose to work as a college prep coordinator. This position allowed me to work with senior students on their application process and this had been developing me intellectually but also work-wise. I'm glad I can ease my parents' financial situation, which grew my confidence.

My gap year taught me the importance of resilience and adaptability, revealing my potential for growth and success. These experiences have shaped my perspective and will undoubtedly contribute to my future academic and professional achievements.


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6 months ago

I would definitely go into what you learned about Mongolian culture and language. Both of these can be of huge interest to potential colleges. I also would put some some focus on your struggles in your experience.

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