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As an international student, would it be better to apply to cheaper schools with less financial aid packages or more expensive schools with better financial aid packages? Also with the consideration that the latter are highly competitive.


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The only schools that meet full aid for international students are the ivy caliber schools for a complete list google full aid met college internationals. The thing is you might be able to get the vast majority of aid at elite schools if you contribute to diversity on campus. I may be confused with someone else but if you’re from Kenya just becuase a lot of students from Kenya go to American schools the college gains another country that a student hails from and as colleges really care about that you might be able to get more aid. If you’re from W Europe or E Asia/India your aid will be reduced.

As for public schools I’d personally apply to some just to see if you get lucky but I’d bet on private schools for the cheapest cost after aid.

Private schools are in my opinion the best for international students in terms of aid.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!



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