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AP courses aren't offered in my school's curriculum, so will not taking them affect my acceptance at very selective schools?


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a year ago

So I keep answering similiar questions to this so if it isn’t super specific please comment so I can clarify as I’d be glad to help you.

All rigor is evaluated in context if you have 4 APs at a school that offers 4 APs your golden. If your school offers 25 APs and you take 5 APs the 4/4 is more impressive despite the 5/25 taking more AP classes.

If your school has no AP classes as long as you take as many challenging courses as possible such as Honors you should be in decent shape but if no honors are available you are zero out of zero which is effectively a N/A (not applicable) so your rigor would not matter as schools will see you didn’t get the opportunity.

TL DR; Everything is in context as long as you challenge your self there will be no penalty.

a year ago

You will not be at a disadvantage if your school does not offer ap classes. That is out of ypur control and colleges understand that. Just take a rigorous course load that shows you can challenge yourself based on what your school offers.


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