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Is it alright if I don’t do debate/model un/mock trial?


So I’m trying to go into govt at a highly ranked school. My school doesn’t have debate and even if we did, we wouldn’t be able to go to competitions. We don’t have model un or mock trial either. However, I am captain of my county’s academic teams for current events and theme and have multiple national awards. Would it be alright if I never did the top three? What happens if I try to start a model un and it goes overboard?


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are you kidding me... it doesn't matter if you don't have those clubs if you have national awards! I think you'll be fine. It's better to focus on strong ECs you already like rather than starting a random model UN club you don't seem to be very invested in. I think you'll be fine.

I totally agree with you! Also, if you are really interested in Model UN or Debate you can try to start up a club and find a teacher who would be open to sponsoring it. Starting a club, however, can be discouraging, especially as the year goes on and less people show up. Despite this, it is better to try than to wait and wonder.
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I agree with @stressedjunior. If you have national awards you should be more than OK. Some schools could think it's weird that you never did those clubs if you're interested in government but not enough to reject you. I think it might still be worth trying to start Model UN. It's unlikely it will go overboard. I think you're more than likely to run into the issues @darsh mentioned which is not enough people. Either way, it can so commitment, perseverance, leadership, and other qualities regardless of if the club is successful or not!