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How is my app so far/ how can I improve

Intl 10th grader

I really want to do biotech or psychology in a T20 school (dream is Stanford since like 7th grade) I know my stats aren't good...

demographics : Turkish-Russian, underfunded magnet public school +1200 students in Turkey

hooks: reeeeally low income for US cause of my country's economy but I'd say we're pretty middle income concidered the rest of the country, (I don't rlly know what hooks are tbh), dad's been working abroad for 7+ years so my foreigner mom's raising me & my sister kinda on her own (they're not divorced but we see him for like 3 days once in 3 months)


9: 16 different classes math, science, literature, geography, PE, art etc.

10: same as 9th + Studying for AP Bio & Psych on my own

11: gonna choose the Math & Science program in my country so mostly those (without geography etc.) + PE, arts etc. (concidering doing APID... Gonna take at least 2 more AP exams depending on the major I decide)

12: same as 11th

- Current Academic Average: 90.5W (country doesn't do uw) (in hopes of increasing it)

- Rank: school doesn't realease them so I'd have to ask at the end of the year but I think about %10

- Gonna take SAT before 11th grade expecting 1500+ at least

Extracurricular Activities:

English Speaking Club (10-?12)

- Established and presided over the first and only student-initiated club in our underfunded school, now with 70 members.

- Significantly enhanced English language proficiency among students, addressing a critical educational need within our institution.

- Helped students increase their English speaking grades.


- Collaborated in various projects with European high schools online.

- One of the 6 honorary memebers out of almost 50 people.

- I will hopefully do erasmus exchanges in the next 2 years. There is also a chance that students from a Greek high school will come to our school and we will visit them.

Fencing (Épée) (9-12)

- Licensed fencer and team captain.

- I started in 9th grade and I've only joined 1 competition which I wasn't successful.

School's Honor Society (9)

- Selected as an exemplary student by my class teacher to be a part of our school's Honor Society.

- You can only join for one year.

Traffic Safety Seminar (9)

- Represented my school at a Traffic Safety Seminar, meeting the mayor and contributing to safety discussions.

- I honestly don't know if I'm gonna add this in 2 years.

Entrepreneurship Competition (10-want to do it again)

- I am currently participating & the team captain / Manager of the company.

- We are making an organic eraser to sell.

- Even if we don't do very well in the competition is managing a real company is a good exc?? We are gonna have mentors and get to take the ESP exam.

Taught Russian (9-?10)

- Taught basic Russian to my 2 friends for free.

- Everyday at school during the lunch period)

Tubitak (9-10)

- I'm gonna have a certificate for participating for something like a science fair where I did a project about Turkish female scientists.


- Programming Languages: [Python]

- Languages: Turkish (Native), Russian (Native), English (C2 proficiency), Spanish (B1 proficiency), German (A2 proficiency).


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5 months ago

Wow thats great, just make sure that your essay's are great and I'm sure you will have a great shot at a t20 school. You are taking a lot of classes but I think if you can and if your school allows it you should drop some regular courses and pick up some more AP's

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