2 months ago
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Will colleges see what kind of school I come from

I live in UAE, it is a well developed country but my school doesn't provide enough opportunities and clubs. Will the admission officers look the fact that my school was bad and I did whatever i could do. But the thing is my school does offer clubs but it's only for lowers grades and they just enroll and write our names for records just in case if the ministry of education asks them to show. So they "show" that they are giving us lots of opportunities and resources but they are not. How do I tell admission officers that my school is fake and they will even lie if you talk to them.


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2 months ago

Most unis have a policy to compare students among your batch. Thus, your lack of ECs would not drag you down necessarily as fellow students would also be lacking those ecs (at least to a certain extent).

The next step usually entails comparing students from different schools in the same region. As a fellow UAE resident, I think that is where you lack but not for the reasons you think. Within UAE, there is a significant spirit among the students to pioneer something, most of the time without the help of the school (ie apps, NGOs, startups etc).

If you are a junior/sophomore or a senior with time to spare you can consider to start something of your own, maybe even a club, but otherwise focus on stuff you have done so far, something unique to you. Top universities aren't always looking for the next person to cure cancer, maybe just the most friendly, creative or passionate person on earth (who knows they might see that in you without ECs or not).

Bottom line - tarnishing the school's reputation would be a big NO (remember unis are institutions of their own and don't like when fellow institutions are being tarnished). So just suck up the tough pill and play with what you got.

2 months ago

When addressing the limited opportunities at your school to admission officers, be honest and direct about the situation. Highlight personal initiatives and independent projects, and request letters of recommendation from teachers who can vouch for your dedication. Submit supplementary materials like a resume or portfolio to showcase achievements beyond school activities. Use the additional information section to explain your situation briefly, and if applicable, emphasize external achievements in exams or competitions

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