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How important is my midyear report?

Hi everyone,

I'm a first-gen low-income senior applying to many of my college through Questbridge Regular Decision and due to many medical issues, my father has currently been in the hospital for the past few months. Additionally, due to events I don't feel too comfortable sharing, my family and I have lost our home and have been searching for temporary housing while living in our car for over 2 months.

Due to all this, my grades in 4 of my classes (all AP) will likely be mostly C's by the time I get my midyear report. This means that my 3.92 UW gpa will likely go down to a 3.5. Apart from trying to work 2 part time jobs, keep up with my extracurriculars, and support my family as much as I can, I've been worried nonstop about my midyear grades preventing me from even having a slight shot at these very selective schools.

I'm hoping I can explain my situation as much as possible with my guidance counselor before she submits my midyear report but should I still apply to these schools even with such a low gpa senior year? I know many of these schools have a "holistic approach" but I can't help but feel like they might just toss aside my application altogether.

I'd appreciate any advice or words of encouragement!

(I've gotten into most of my safety and target schools and I'm okay with going to cc but I still want to see if I should have any hope 😭 These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind.)

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6 months ago

First off, I'm truly sorry for all that you're going through.

Second of all, the midyear report is really to see if you have been performing as usual. In your case, there should be a spot in each college's portal that will allow you to explain your circumstances. If not, email the colleges and ask them where you can explain your circumstances.

You're such an amazing child for sacrificing so much for your family. I promise, the love you put out will come back to you!

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