5 months ago
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Are these extracurriculars good?

I’m currently a sophomore hoping to go to a T20 school majoring in psychology, I have a 4.0 and a 1400 PSAT score, these are the extracurriculars I’m planning on doing/already doing but I don’t know if they’re any good :/

•HOSA member

•Neurosurgery observership/internship

•Virtual volunteering/tutoring

•President of a psychology club

•Air force academy

•Vice president in student council

•Cross-country club member

•Part time job

•NSLC (nslcleaders.org/youth-leadership-programs/psychology-neuroscience/)

any changes or tips are really welcome :)

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5 months ago

Great work so far! My suggestions are

-do some more community service

-study/prepare to get a good SAT/ACT score


-are you taking rigorous coursework? AP/IB? if not, consider it/talk to your counselor about it

-keep up the good work!

4 months ago

This is good, I think what the other comment said is pretty accurate. Your leadership and clubs looks pretty good. Your clubs/internships/memberships lead to a clear pathway of what you want to do. Colleges like to see that. But one thing to improve on is to retake the SAT. Try scoring for something higher. A 1400 is pretty good, but it really just depends on what college you want to go to. The ivies usually prefer 1460 or over. Are you taking any AP/IB/Honors classes? Take those classes as well if you want a better change with the prestigious colleges because they look for those challenging courses. But again, you dont have to if the colleges you want to go to dont require that much.

One question coming from a kid like you who's interested in joining internships related to the medical field. Do you think its manageable to do an internship while attending school at the same time? Is the internship time consuming? Will the workload be overwhelming?

Thanks, and I hope some of my tips helped out!

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