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scared if i would get in college

anytime I think about college my hearts drop and I have this massive headache that whenever someone brings up college I get annoyed and irritated.

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@Limon5655a month ago

I am a senior, and I have to admit that I am scared as well for college. I think it is because it is such a massive change, academically and lifestyle-wise. As long as you believe in yourself and adapt to your academic environment, I don't think there will be a reason for you to fail. I believe in you!

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a month ago

Hi! First off, why do you think you are so stressed about college? Are you under pressure from your family to get into a top school? Are you having a self- esteem issue? Are you worried about the lifestyle changes and being away from home? Try to figure out what exactly it is that's bothering you. College admissions time is so super stressful for everyone, but the good part about that is that it's easy to find support. Once you figure out what's bothering you, brainstorm solutions. For example, if you're afraid of going away from home, consider a college nearby- not necessarily in your home state but not across the country. If you're under familiar or peer pressure to get into a T10, try to share with them how it makes you feel. Guidance counselors and school psychologists would be an extremely important resource for you. As I said before, college apps is a stressful time, but it shouldn't be causing you this much anxiety unless something's wrong.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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