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If every aspect of your application is strong except for one part will you be automatically rejected?

So I’ve had some people tell me that I have no shot of getting them to my dream school, Cornell. That I would be lucky if my application would get read. One I’m not reporting AP scores because of the pandemic I did not score well. But also a lot of schools said that they would not count against Not reporting AP scores. I’m worried because I feel like every aspect of my application is a strong as it can be, except my GPA is low. It is 3.63. But collegevine chances me at 65 to 69% chance. But I could be wrong. What do you think? Do you think collegvine is right? Do you think my application will be read?


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You might want to reword or delete this since it’s a “chance-me” question where you’re basically asking us to evaluate your chance of getting into a certain school based on your profile. It’ll get flagged and then locked/removed by the mods. This isn’t what the forum is for - we’re here to answer questions about the college process in general and clear up some misconceptions about applying as an undergrad.

I’ll still give you my personal view anyway. You saying you have “good” test scores and “strong” ECs doesn’t really mean much since we have no idea what that is. You should be aiming for a 1500+ SAT or 33+ ACT for Cornell as well as (if you can) two subject tests of 740+. In terms of your extracurriculars, it's a good thing that you think they’re strong, and the fact that teachers/counselors agree is also a positive thing. Your profile is compared in terms of the activities/classes that you were able to take, so if you’re the best in your school, then you’re probably the most qualified out of anyone for Cornell. That, however, doesn’t mean that you personally are qualified, just that you’re the most out of your school. Your GPA is really low for Cornell and I would try your hardest to get it up in the future. If you’re taking mostly AP classes it’s a bit more understandable but I would REALLY focus on getting your GPA since at that point it could lead to an automatic rejection. Unless there’s something to explain for your GPA (mentaller illness, rough home life due to covid/losing job, low income, minority, etc) where you have either less opportunities to study (cause you need to work) or your personal life has made it a lot harder to do so (cause of stress at home, being socioeconomically or racially disadvantaged, etc) then there’s not a lot of explaining you can do to make up for poor grades. If your GPA was really strong before but only dropped cause of COVID then you might be able to explain it in the additional info section of the common app.

I don’t think you have no chance but honestly you haven’t really given us a lot of info to go off of. You need really, REALLy strong extracurriculars that fit all the boxes and are exceptional and showcase leadership. Saying they’re “better than 75-90% of applicants” (if they really are that good) is a great thing, but again, we cant help you unless we actually know what they are lol. If your ECs are really that great then you definitely have a chance but your GPA is a big weak spot so unless the rest of your application is stellar and picks up the slack you have a more than incidental chance of getting rejected.


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