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Foreign Language requirements and Limited AP

I have taken Spanish 1 in Middle School and Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 (all Honors) in High School. I could not fit Spanish 4 into my schedule in 11th grade because I wanted to take AP Computer Science Principles. Additionally, our Spanish teacher is nice but she does not know how to teach well. My school schedule does not offer a ton of flexibility to take additional courses including limited AP options. When they do offer it, most do not fit the schedule. It has to fit the period blocks. I wanted to self-study and take some exams but no one in the area will offer to me. I called many many schools to see if I could take the exam after self-study.

Is it okay to have only 2 years of foreign language at high school?

What can I do about limited AP. The good thing is I am able to fit 4 AP courses in my Senior year.

My school really limits what is possible. I have been really pushing myself throughout my high school. I don't think I have time for taking additional outside courses.

Thank you in advance for your help!

@Anna20064 months ago

You can also always self study for an AP test, and take it without taking the class. If you want to take more AP classes but can’t fit them in your schedule.

@facilityburton4 months ago

additional info section

[🎤 AUTHOR]@ria20254 months ago

College Board said the only way to do this is to reach out to a school that offers and register for test. There is no other way. Called about dozen schools and they did not allow me. What can I do?

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4 months ago

It’s perfectly fine. I only took two years of French because I wanted to take courses at the local college. As long as you have all of the credits you need to graduate, you should be fine.

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