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Is asking for recommendation from not "teacher" not okay?

Hi, I'm an international student who came here about two years ago. the staff, the international coordinator, who accepted me into their school(my school now) got fired and now we have a very sweet international student coordinator. I am a sophomore now, and she was here when I was in freshman year. I do have good relationships with regular teachers; however, I feel like since she loves me so much( I am kind of first international student who became a student government officer and other honor society officer), I thought it might be a good idea to ask her for a recommendation for senior year( you know, keep thinking about recommendation is good). Is it okay/ affective to ask her for a recommendation? or is she not impactive as English teacher in junior/senior year ?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chae01234 years ago

I got visa from South Korea and currently living in the US. I do not have the same accessibility as US domestic students, and whenever I apply to colleges, I have to get the same visa as students who are directly coming from other countries for colleges.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chae01234 years ago

just to make it clear, I got a visa from South Korea and my nationality is South Korean

@chxm334 years ago

Ahh ok I understand :)

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4 years ago[edited]

I think that your experience as an international student is really unique and that the letter of recommendation from that woman sounds like a good idea. It checks all the boxes - close relationship, important person who is relevant to school/admissions, she understands you and can attest to your personal qualities in a letter. I would go for it, but just make sure that you do develop close relationships with your other teachers so that when you are a junior/senior you can get letters of recommendation from your school teachers since that’s typically what students look for. Since she’s still related to your high school it should be okay.

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