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Accidently self-reported scores to my test optional schools

I self-reported my SAT scores in the General information of the Common App for the schools I wanted to submit my scores too. However, I thought that for the schools I choose not to send my scores too and I check off the box "do not use my SAT score in the admissions process", they would not be able to see my self-reported scores because I checked off the box. When I downloaded my Princeton application in the PDF version, I saw that my SAT scores were there and by then I had already submitted. I indicated in the Princeton Questions that I do not want my scores to be looked at, but considering the fact that my scores are at the beginning of my application and my indication to not look at my scores is at the end, have I lost all hopes for being test optional? My AO would have already seen my scores before they got to the part where I indicate I'm test-optional. What should I do? Should I email the Princeton Admissions Office?


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It's confusing due to bad user interface design, but don't worry - it works as intended.

I ran into the same issue, and asked a help rep at Common App. She said that the schools you apply to don't receive the PDF - which is just for you to see and review before hitting Send. (They get the info delivered to specific software tools they use.)

Even though your test scores are listed in the Common App section of the PDF, the school section that follows should say if you are sharing test scores or not.

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