5 months ago
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ap stat or ap calc BC for senior year?

im stuck on what to choose :/ rising senior

here are some important things to note:

- my desired major: information systems, or anything that's like fintech (finance & technology)

so i guess its considered STEM right?? even though there will be coding, i do wanna focus more on the business/finance side of it

- desired schools: i want to aim for selective schools (who doesn't)

this doesn't rlly specifically mean like STEM schools like caltech, georiga tech, MIT, noo just like more on the prestigious end lol

- math proficiency: well i wouldn't say im bad but not good either ??? i just tend to be a little bit .. in the clouds.. (not in that way :p)

im moderate. i got a low C last quarter and a high A this quarter for calc AB so that averages it out to a B.

- interest: i do like math and english, i don't really have a definitive side for which i like best. i think i excel in essay writing bc i always have smth to say but i also love the satisfaction of understanding the process in math and getting the right answer. like that "Aha!" moment after you ponder for a while.

-recommendations: my teacher says that he would rank it like 1. ap stat & 2. ap calc just cuz calc BC is literally AB with a few added things, he said it gives me the advantage of knowing the material compared to my counterparts but it might boring for me (not in the way its easy but i should venture out & try new math) but then he's like, we do go way faster in calc bc (i take timeeee to process any type of math like i really need the repetition so thats what scares me)

comp sci sister - take BC cuz you just wanna get calc over with. "do both!" ... no ma'am

accouting cousin - take stat bc it prepares you for econ & finance. take calc 2 in college


- will colleges dislike the fact i didn't take BC senior year?

- will i even pass and get credit so i wont do it next year?

thats one thing too, i keep thinking just cuz i take it, i wont need to do it during college but thats not always the case. i have to pass the ap exam and for like rlly good schools they don't rlly see 3 as passing anymore </3,

- also when i do need to do it, cuz eventually i will need to for comp sci & finance...will it be detrimental if i take calc 1 junior year and then wait a whole other 3-4 years to take calc 2. by that time ill probably forget the contents of calc 1

- lastly, i heard some colleges require all their students to know calc 2 sooooo


oh gosh i just spilled sm info, please help me out tho im genuinely stuck :')


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5 months ago

hi! i understand how you feel about your situation. personally, i agree with your current teacher, and take ap stats senior year. i know it is only high school, so i dont think it will affect your career too much now, but i definitely think its a good idea to at least get a glimpse of what youre trying to pursue! i also think that maybe mixing it up would be a good idea? personally, i would, just because i want a smooth senior year (although i am planning on taking 5 ap classes...). also, dont stress too much about exams! you did mention you have a strongsuit in essay writing, and that is a strength when applying to schools. i think schools mainly focus on who you are as a person, rather than the statistics (thats just how i interpret it). wishing you the best of luck! :)

5 months ago

Hey! Simple answer, if you want more challenge and more credit, so AP cal bc, if you want to take it a little easier, take AP stat, if you care about credits, I am pretty sure AP cal BC gives much more credit, but it is also much harder to get a higher score on the AP BC exam then AP stat

5 months ago

Hello! Have you considered taking both Ap Stats and Calc BC senior year? At least at my school it's possible. But if you had to pick one, I would go with Stats for business and finance, since knowledge of statistics would be more beneficial than Calc in my opinion. Colleges will still like to see AP Stats instead of AP Calc, as both are very rigorous courses you can take. I doubt you will completely lose all knowledge of Calc from 3 years if you have a good time remembering mathematical concepts normally. Also, online calc courses can be taken on websites such as EdX and such. You can still learn both if that is the best thing for you. Good luck!

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