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Hi, I would love it if someone can say to me if the most important during the application process is the essay and extracurriculars?

I mean, I know GPA and SAT are important, also I want to know if now for covid-19 it doesn't matter if I don't upload my scores of sat because it was canceled in my country.


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GPA and the standardized tests are just a benchmark on whether you can pass the initial test of being academically prepared to succeed in the college you are applying to. Still, the most prestigious schools receive more qualified applicants than they have places. This is why they turn to other intangible factors like extracurricular engagement and commitment (which I would rank second in importance) and essays (third respectively). For the most part, the first two sections give an accurate enough representation of most students, however, there are many cases of extraordinary circumstances that could not be reflected in these two areas. This is where the essays come into play. They help such students convey those circumstances in the clearest possible way. That said, this does not mean that essays are not important. You should try to be as authentic as possible in them to give AOs the best sense of what kind of person you are beyond your accomplishments.

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