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I need help. (Financial aid international student)

I'm from Bangladesh.I passed HSC (High school) in 2023. I want to apply to colleges in USA for fall 2024 because it's the closest slot, I already have a gap year.

I'm ranked 10% in class.

my high school gpa is 5/5 and I scored 94%

I'm applying test optional.



2. tuition

3. Job in a hospital

4. fundraising

5. Art

6. Graphics design

7. Self directed research

That's all. My essay is pretty good. But overall my profile is not very flashy, and i'm an international student who needs full fund. I app;ied to some liberal art colleges--- Bates college, Bowdoin college, Grinnall college, Smith College, Swarthmore College. I also applied to University at buffalo due to scholarship opportunities. More and more time passing I'm getting more unsure of my getting into a college.I'm not sure what can make it better.

Can anyone help me to ensure better a chance, suggest me some colleges or suggest me anything.

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