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Many schools in many countries do not provide AP classes or honors. Will these affect the chances of getting in? How will the admissions committee get to know the difficulty level one is accustomed to?

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4 years ago

There are schools in the US that don't offer honors or AP especially. (if the US is where your looking to apply because I'm assuming) Admissions will look at the classes available and the classes taken by the student, so if your school offers no APs and you take no APs then you're fine. They might look at SAT or ACT score because if for example you got a perfect score on the math section they might assume the math you've taken has been at a high level. They might also be able to find out from the school how hard their classes are like at my high school the basic summary of what is taught in each class is available on the website. If you don't have AP or Honors classes available I'd consider taking Dual Enrollment classes if they're available. They might not be available through your high school, but there's always online classes. I've seen American students who have taken no Ap classes because they weren't available get into hard to get into schools so I don't think it affects admissions chances.

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