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Can't complete profile + GPA help

Hello! I'm attempting to complete the "turn your profile into an application" process, but it won't let me finish it. Do I need SAT and ACT scores? I'm a highschool freshman! I can't take them yet! Do I need to wait until I can? I have the PSAT score box checked off and the information filled in. Also, what is test optional? Do I need to check that off? What does it mean?

My school doesn't provide me an unweighted GPA, only a weighted one. Is there a way I can figure it out? Do different schools calculate it differently? My letter average is an A- and my numerical average is a 93.

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@AstridJ Thanks for helping, but my problem is that when I try to save my information and leave the SAT and ACT boxes unchecked it marks it as incomplete.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@cupid4 months ago

It only lets me complete my profile if I say I have no test scores. If I leave the SAT and ACT boxes unchecked, it says my profile is 88% complete. If I say I have none, it completes. If I add the PSAT score from there, it's incomplete again.

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4 months ago

Hey @cupid!

I am also a freshman so I understand this struggle when you don't have all your scores/info yet! Usually, SAT/ACT scores will have to be added later because you don't take them in freshman year, so you'll have to leave that box blank for now but it shouldn't require you to fill it. Test optional means that the college decides you can submit or not submit test scores based on your preference (it's not required but accepted).

There are GPA calculators you can use on an unweighted GPA, but unfortunately, until you've had at least a year of high school your GPA isn't completely accurate because you don't have all the scores in (average of Quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4). By the beginning of next year/end of this year, you can use your unweighted GPA and put it into a weighted GPA calculator for an accurate result. You seem like you're doing pretty well, it just takes some time to have an accurate reading of your overall academic performance! Good luck!

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I am a sophomore and I had a lot of trouble with this last year as well. One thing I found was that you should be able to leave off your SAT and ACT scores if you're a freshman and even a sophomore since you don't usually take the SAT or ACT till your junior year. For test optional I belive it means that for that school submiting ACT and SAT test scores is optional. If your school doesn't provide you with a unweighted GPA then you should just input what you have for now. My school uses a 4 point scale average and based on that I am able to calculate my GPA by averaging all my grades for all my classes but since you said you have a numerical average system I'm not sure how you'd average that. I hope that helps!

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