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How much will my lack of Pre-Calc credit hinder my college application?

I am currently a junior in high school, and am taking these courses:

Honors Spanish III

AP Psych

AP Chem

Concert Band

AP Stats

AP Lang

Honors French V

Last year, I failed my second semester of Pre-Calc and only received .5 credit of the course as a consequence. I recognize that many colleges require or highly recommend taking the course, but I was wondering if there was a way to make up for this weak spot on my application without retaking Pre-Calc?

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5 months ago

Hey @yims, this is quite a tricky situation, if you think you are ready, taking AP cal AB will help you, but in other subjects and especially math, you need to build your skills perfectly to have a good time in math, but since you failed Pre-Calc, I do not think that it would be good idea to take AP Cal AB unless if you are absolutely ready.

If you fail your AP cal AB, first it will hurt your GPA a LOT, second, it will make you not ready for college and university type of math, and the worst thing that can happen is that you can lose your confidence in yourself. I recommend that you try AP pre cal as your next course, you may not get AP cal AB or BC, but this is safer and better option in my opinion

5 months ago[edited]

In my experience, if you think you're ready for it, taking AP Calc AB would make up for the weak spot, especially if you can get high grades in this class. (AP Calc AB might look good since you failed your second semester of Pre-Calc, but it may also be more difficult) Hope this helps!

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