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how does american universities will evaluate my indian percentage to US GPA ?


my secondary school is a govt. school and grading type is the percentage(Indian curriculum).


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Since India is such a large country that has many applicants to US colleges, the person reading your application will most likely be Indian themselves or highly familiar with your country’s grading system. So, American colleges won’t convert your grades, rather your application/transcript will be looked over by someone who understands how the system works and will just evaluate it based on that. No conversion necessary :) They’ll know what your grades mean by themselves without having to convert it to an American equivalent.

If you personally want to convert your percentage grade to GPA, I recommend this chart: essentially it says anything over 60% is an A or a 4.0… I don’t know how the Indian system works but in the US there’s a lot of nuances/variety that could occur. Your best bet is not converting cause there could be an error but that’s just if you’re curious to see what the difference is.

I second this but would like to add you can also google international admissions insert favorite school and find thier email and then reach out and ask them but don’t constantly ask them and don’t ask for them to look at your profile and evulate it. You can ask about how the Indian scale translate as crsgo said that has nuances and the school itself is best bet to tell you what said nuances are.