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Early graduation. How would I do this?

I have a lot of plans for the future, like graduating early. And since I want to graduate early, I wanna take summer classes to get more credits and be in the more advanced classes. Just wondering, is it possible that if I take some summer classes would this help me graduate in 2026 or 2027? Because those are the years I am hoping to graduate since i’m only in 8th grade. Also, can you give me more requirements for graduating early? I have high school credits right now, but only from foreign language. I hope this sounds simple, thank you!

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4 months ago

Hey! So here at my highschool, graduating early usually means graduating a semester early.

I too have 1 extra credit due to foreign language and have been receiving 7 credits every year (I'm a sophmore). Now the problem is what the requirements are that your highschool needs for you to graduate. But also, trying to graduate with my class would then means that your peers could recieve an extra years worth of credits that would be good towards college.

So keep in mind your highschools requirements, the requirements that the college in which you're applying want, and extra classes that will look well on applications!!

4 months ago[edited]

I really agree with @AdaH. I could have graduated early (I am homeschooled and we have a chart with the government-required credits for homeschool graduation) BUT I found out that in my town DE at a community college is 1/3 the price for hs students vs. hs graduates! So financially it was wise to contine high school. I found a university that directly partnered with my cc and carefully choose general education classes that will transfer into my major once in college! This means I will graduate in 3 years vs. 4 years of college! So in the end, I am using hs to help my graduate early-but from college!

Also, like @AdaH said, if you are aiming for top schools they want above and beyond the hs graduation requirements so cutting off a year of hs gives you a disadvantage against normal hs seniors. If you are not aiming for a top school, still check out what the school wants to see on the transcript (each university is a little different).

Hope this helps!

4 months ago

Hey there @icedcoldbrew333!

Why do you want to graduate early? Before making any plans, consider if you actually want to graduate a early/if it would actually be worth it. While it is possible to fulfill all graduation requirements in three years, you probably wouldn't have the opportunity to take a fourth math or language class, which could put you at a disadvantage for college applications.

If you really do want to graduate early, check with your school first. It is possible you could skip a grade level and graduate with the class a year ahead of you, but that would probably mean making up a lot of classes over the summer so you could catch up with your peers. It's also possible you could double up on certain classes during your freshman or sophomore years to meet requirements and get elective credits over the summer. Most schools require four years of English and strongly suggest four years of math, so focus on getting those credits first. Some colleges also prefer four years of language, but if you already have one credit now, you probably won't need to double up on those classes at all.

Your college application isn't just about your grades; they also consider things like extracurriculars and test scores. Graduating a year early also means you will have less time to win awards, get involved in extracurriculars, and gain leadership roles. You'll also have less time to take (and retake) the SAT or ACT.

It is possible to graduate in three years, but it may not actually be beneficial for you. Reconsider, but if you really do want to do it, make sure your school allows it first.

Good luck!

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