4 months ago
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Will working as a dental hygienist increase my chances of getting into college?

Hi, Im a sophomore in high school, and I'm looking into the biology/biomedical/pre-med side for college.

Recently I got an opportunity to work as a dental hygienist at my mom's workplace, could this be a strong position to put on my college application?

Will it increase my chances of getting into college?

Not only that, but is it a strong extracurricular/internship?

Please be brutally honest with me, I will like to do this job only if it benefits my chances!



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I know this buzzword is dropped a lot, but I'm going to use it here as it think it is applicable. The concept of 'applying sideways' is doing ECs that interest YOU and allowing these the paint a picture of you as a person to the admissions committee, because, as a side effect of doing things that interest you, you'll perform well in these and get good LoRs (and generally have a nice time! You didn't get into your dream school, but your ECs weren't a waste because you have lovely memories and learnings from them). MIT has a whole article about it at mitadmissions.org.

Colleges are looking for people with unique and exciting passions who can explain why things are valuable to them. AOs can see things you did just because 'it was good for admissions' from a mile away. They don't want to admit robots who grinded the 'right things', top schools have about 20% (guesstimation) qualified students, but they can only accept 5%. Who they want to fill in the 5% is those who are unique, kind and will make a positive impact on campus with their unique, captivating set of ECs, not their bland, generic ECs completely devoid of passion. They want the ant farmers, part-time genetic engineers and dental fanatics (if that's you!).

So the real question is - would you have fun being a dental hygienist? Would the experience be valuable for you? If yes - go for it! If no - consider why you want to take this opportunity, is it REALLY for you, or is it for colleges?

4 months ago

Hi! I think that working as a dental hygienist would be great to put onto your admissions! It shows that you’re going out of your way to work and I believe that it could be a great starting point especially due to what you want to pursue. The more the better, Best of luck to you!

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