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How important is CGPA

My kid transferred from IB to US high school system in grade 11. We shifted countries from Europe to Texas, US. The high school did not recognize all her grade 9&10 courses as honors or AP, though they were all IB and much more difficult than the core level course work of US high school. Although my kid has 1st semester gpa of junior year around 4.8, the CGPA is around 4.2-4.3 because the school recognized only 4 credits as honors level and the rest of 12 credits as core level (for grade 9&10). Can my kid aspire for Ivy League universities and getting scholarship? Or should we mentally prepare her to target in-state only!

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I am not familiar with what Ivies look for, so I used Ivy Assistant to provide you with a answer: "A CGPA of 4.2 is certainly competitive, as it indicates strong academic performance. However, keep in mind that admission to Ivy League schools is highly selective, and they consider many factors beyond just your CGPA. These schools look for well-rounded applicants with strong test scores, extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, and compelling personal essays.

It's important to remember that while a strong CGPA can help your chances, there's no guarantee of admission to any specific school based on your CGPA alone. It's essential to present a comprehensive and balanced application."

So your daughter's CGPA is competitive but the other portions of the application are essential pieces as well. I recommend trying but also applying to some target in-state as well so there is an option to fall back on in case of denial. Note that even if she does not get into an Ivy now, she may be able to transfer in later if it is really important to her-the requirements for transfer students are generally lower than first-year students b/c you have already proved your ability to handle college.

Hope this helps :)

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