2 years ago
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Do this university only consider students with national achievement?

Passed class 12 cbse board examination with 96% and class 10 with 95.4%

Good co curricular skills but no national achievement ,

a bit interested in biotech engineering

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2 years ago

Could you clarify what university you're referring to?

@Abhishek2 years ago

Could you define co curricular skills? What universities are you referring to?

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2 years ago

What university are you referring too? It would be helpful to know but I'm pretty sure my answer will apply regardless of what school it is. I can promise you with almost 100% certainty that the university considers, and accepts, students who do not have national achievements. It would be close to impossible for a school to fill their classes if they only considered students with some type of national achievement award.

2 years ago[edited]



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