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I don't know what i'm doing :)

Hi!!! I am a junior at a medium sized high school in Arkansas. (could be considered small, not quite sure because it's arkansas). I desperately want to go to vanderbilt in 25', but I don't think that I will be able to get in. Since I was in the 4th grade, I've wanted to attend this University. It's far but not too far from home, has an amazing campus (I've already toured), and it's in a city that i've always wanted to live in. I have a 4.1 gpa (W) 4.0 (UW) . By the time i've graduated i'll have around 5 honors classes, 6 AP classes, and 6 college courses completed. I've taken the ACT twice and my superscore is a 23 ( I plan to take it every opportunity that I have until I graduate) ( I also plan to apply test optional because I'm not the best test taker). My extracurriculars consist of Mayor's Youth Advancement council, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, Captain in colorguard, Symphonic band, around 300 hours of volunteer work, Student council (class rep), Jr. Auxiliary club (Crown Club), was a patient ambassador at the local hospital, and an ambassador for Promising Pediatrics. I also have participated in All-Region for band and received 1st chair 1st band in 9th grade, 2nd band 1st chair in 10th grade, and 1st band 1st chair in 11th grade. All-state is next week so hopefully I receive a chair then as well. I don't know if I should try to do more things outside of school, or what. I haven't signed up for any scholarships or anything so far ( I know, I know, I should have). I'm just really stressed about the whole process. So any input is welcome. Please don't care about hurting my feelings or anything, I need the brutal and honest truth.

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I just answered this question- but it looks like it didn't go through??? Did you receive it?

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@Jael_S238 no, it looks like i didn’t get it :(

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4 months ago

Here is the truth, I do not think you are even doing bad, right now, your list of EC looks good, and your GPA is good enough for Vanderbilt, while it is sad that your ACT score is low, but like you said yourself, applying test optional is what you should do. Also, if your class rank is high, I think you should submit if you have one, at least being in the top 10% in your school will help your chances.

In my opinion, the odds are in your favor, I think you can go to Vanderbilt University. But always make sure you got other universities and colleges on your list!

Good luck!

PS: I also toured Vanderbilt, and it looks beautiful, I really do hope that you can go there!

4 months ago

Yes, I agree; your stats are amazing!

Like @_KC_ said, you can apply test-optional. But have you considered the DSAT? Many students do not realize it gives you much more time. Very much to your advantage! Here are some stats I looked up for Vanderbuilt:

Average GPA: 3.8-4.0 (unweighted) SAT Scores (middle 50% range): 1460-1560 ACT Scores (middle 50% range): 33-35

Based on these, you are doing great with the exception of test scores, which like said before, you can skip and apply test-optional.

If you have any questions, especially about the DSAT, lmk! I recommend checking it out unless there is a specific reason it would not work for you.

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