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Is 108 a good score for elite universities?

I did the TOEFL last month and obtained a 108. 28 in reading and writing, 29 in listening, and 23 in speaking. I am from El Salvador and will very likely apply without SAT scores due to the ongoing pandemic. I will apply to elite universities like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Caltech. Some universities like MIT recommend to a 100; however, I read in an unofficial source that Caltech requires 110. Should I retake it or is 108 fine? How determinant would it be?

Moreover, I wanted to add that many top universities like Caltech also accept the Duolingo Test. Should I take the Duolingo test intead or will I get a similar score?

I was also asking about the scores because only my speaking score is low which is probably because I don't live in an English speaking enviroment, however, I don't know if colleges will see it that way and I don't want to leave anything to chance.


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4 years ago

If you do not want to leave it a chance, I would suggest taking the Duolingo test and the TOEFL again. 108 is a very good score and most top colleges would not have an issue with the score. However, Caltech admits that the highest test scores in the US for all standardized tests. Keep in mind that CalTech is test-blind for SAT/ACT and Subject Tests (they are not factoring in these tests at all) this cycle so they are going to rely on other information like grades, course rigor, essays, recommendations, and your English speaking ability.

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