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Letter of Continued Interest

Hi! I got deferred from a lot of schools actually and I was wondering how I used write my letter.

Some schools include a form on their portal. Should I write there as well as email it to admissions officers or just fill out the form. Also, can someone send a sample one maybe? How would you start it off, what are some things to include, etc


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I keep trying to submit an answer and it's not working-this is so frustrating! I will have to try again later :(

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Thank you!

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2 months ago

I used Ivy assistant to create a sample for you:

Please remember to personalize this sample to reflect your specific updates and genuine enthusiasm for the college.

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, Zip Code] [Email Address] [Phone Number] [Today's Date]

[Admissions Officer's Name] [College Name] [Admissions Office Address] [City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Admissions Officer's Name],

I am writing to express my continued interest in [College Name] and to provide updates (if you have updates) on my academic progress and extracurricular activities since submitting my application. I am grateful for the opportunity to remain under consideration and want to emphasize that [College Name] remains my top choice.

Since applying, I have maintained my 4.0 GPA while taking two honors classes. (please update the college with any academic progress you made or awards won. Your goal is NOT to brag but to update them on your advancements.) Additionally, I have advanced in my classes ( or )recently won a local competition for my . My commitment to (your career interest) has further strengthened, and I am excited about the possibility of contributing my skills and passion to [College Name]'s (program name) program.

In my extracurricular activities, I have taken on a leadership role in my , organizing community service events that benefit our local environment. I am excited to continue this type of work on [College Name]'s campus and believe I can bring valuable experience to the college community.

Thank you for considering my updated information. I am eager to join the [College Name] community and am confident that I can make a positive impact on campus. I hope to have the opportunity to contribute my skills, dedication, and passion to [College Name] as a member of the incoming class.


[Your Name]

Please, please, please tailor this to YOUR situation and make sure you don't just copy it. I don't know if LOC's are checked for plagiarism so be careful! Another tip: NEVER write about why you think they rejected you, but why they SHOULD accept you. Again, no bragging but honest facts.

Hope this helps and that you will be accepted!

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