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Am I doomed (extracurricular-wise)?

Hi all! I'm looking for advice as to whether or not my extracurriculars are kind of bland, since that's what I've been starting to fear. Also, how should I phrase my activities in my college application on CommonApp? I'm in 11th grade, for the record. I've also changed some of the names here to not make my identity super obvious.

My Main ECs:

1. Law Team (Moot Court and Mock Trial; 10th-now; completed city-wide)

2. President of Grammar Club (member since 9th, secretary 10th, president since beginning of 11th; held SAT tutoring meetings, mini spelling bees)

3. Peace Club Founder and President (founded beginning of 11th; held educational events on humanitarian crises, in the process of planning a fundraiser for Gaza)

4. Volunteer at local Jewish Community Center (started 10th-now; tutor new English speakers in conversational English an hour weekly)

5. School Newspaper (started 10th-now, staff writer; written about 15-20 articles total)

6. Drama Club (acted in the play 9th-10th; inducted into International Thespian Society; working with the drama club to promote theater in our schools month)


1. Summer Internship at the Local Aquarium (10th grade summer; taught visitors about the environment)

Are these weak extracurriculars? If so, how could I make them sound less weak/boost them? Thanks!

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4 months ago

These are great ECs! My big tip (not mine, really, but that of a Ivy admissions officer) is ALWAYS QUANTITY OVER QUALITY! Instead of cramming in this here and this there, stay commited to a few things-shows dedication and true passion! Also, let your ECs show your passion. What is that you love? Marine biology? Teaching ESL? Writing? Let this shine through your EC list! Then you are also doing stuff you love which is very important :)

Keep up the good work! LMK if you have more questions :)

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