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Do top universities/colleges (Ivy League) consider high school rank?

Hi, I am a high school sophomore currently and I was wondering if schools care about your high school rank.

My high school is not that great and I really don’t like it here because it’s not that difficult for me and it’s not challenging it doesn’t allow me to fully apply my skills. It’s too easy it’s a bit contradicting to say however, in New York City these high schools you get into are all based on lottery systems other than the specialized high schools.

I don’t know if I can transfer anymore because this entire policy is weird so I am really on my last straw right now and I’m really curious about if schools really care about how your high school is ranked because my school does not offer that much hardness or that level like or ivy level and we have a CTE class which is a double period class and it doesn’t really allow us to take as many as AP as we want.

Please help me on what to do in order to get into top colleges like MIT or Harvard because I am really trying my very best as I am maintaining a 98.58% and it’s not that hard but again I really want to continue these efforts and if possible go out of my limit go out of the box to do anything.

Thank you.

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5 months ago

If AP is not an option, consider DE! I am currently a dual enrollment student (homeschooled, can't take AP without paying $700) and it is not only proving my ability to maintain high grades in college, but also transfers into my bachelor's degree, meaning i only have to spend 3 years in college instead of 4! I will be able to focus on my area of study vs. being distracted by general education classes.

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