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What school should I apply to, school of Arts and Science for computer science or school of business for marketing?

I always thought I wanted to major in computer science, but after doing a summer internship and looking at other people's experiences I've decided to apply as undecided. The only problem is that a lot of the schools I am applying to require that I pick a specific school to apply to within that college. I don't know if I should apply to the school of Arts and Science for computer science or the school of business for public relations. I can see myself majoring in marketing or communication but I honestly don't have enough experience in either subject to really decide right now. What should I apply for?

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It depends on the school, they might let you switch which school you study in if you decide to switch majors! If you see yourself majoring in marketing or communications though, I would definitely recommend the school of business. Best of luck!

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What you interested in.


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