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What exactly is enough?

This is kind of a repost, but I need an answer to one of the biggest questions: Am I doing enough to get into the Ivy League? I plan to take around 14 AP classes by the end of high school, 6ish honors, and 2 college courses. I plan to be the treasurer of Stugo and NHS, and hold leadership in 2 other clubs, and do Swim and Track. I plan to have a 4.0 uwGPA, and get a physics internship. Is all of this enough for Ivy League?

@Lasagna.C4 months ago

The thing I have learner about Ivy leagues through my college search is that past a certain point the admissions become almost random. I would say that’s a pretty strong list and if you apply to all or most ivies and other selective schools you have a good chance of getting into one-you just might not be able to predict which one. And even if not an ivy I’m sure you can get into a similarly prestigious or selective school.

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4 months ago

There is no exact formula for getting into an Ivy. The top competitors for the schools you will be applying to will have similar resumes. I think that if you are able to all pull that off, you have a good shot! Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But remember to do projects/activities for yourself- colleges are able to recognize when you do things for the resume vs. when you actually have passion, and they prefer the latter. Best of luck in these upcoming years!

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